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African Drums

Authentic african djembes - hand carved with goat skin heads.

Hand made doun douns and bass drums with cowhide heads.

Djembe drums for sale:

9 inch head - Djembe

10 inch head - Djembe

13 inch head - Djembe

Custom made Professional Djembes

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Bongo drums for sale:
Handmade Afro-cuban Bongo and conga drums for the discerning drummer. Bongos, Congas and more. Enquire for further details, or see www.conga.co.za

Drum Request
contact us with any special requests for drums & percussion instruments, we source drums from many countries. We also provide affordable drums for gifts or souvenirs.

Drum Repairs & Drum heads
We repair all types of hand drums: Djembe repairs; Conga and bongo drum repairs; conga and bongo head replacement; Drum shell refurbishing and crack repairs. We sell drum skins and vellums too.

Click here for a quotation or further information.

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drum circles, interactive drumming and live performances in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa. Djembes for sale.
Custom Congas
Handmade congas, bongos, bata and more. Custom handmade drums for Professional players. Afro-cuban drums and percussion instruments made in SA.
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African drumming, Afro-cuban drumming, team building drumming sessions, drumming parties and workshops. Experience live music!
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